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Administration Fee
One of the key reasons for creating Community Connections was the need for an public transparent umbrella organisation for Area A to receive and allocate funds on behalf of local groups who would not otherwise qualify as individuals. Common practice in the non profit sector is to charge a 10% administration fee on top of any amounts granted, which is meant to cover overhead related to that grant: insurance, bank charges, bookkeeping, reporting and special events. Community Connections has developed an administration fee structure.

Community Connections occasionally needs to hire subcontractors. We are also looking to connect needs to skills. If you would like to be part of our “bank”  that we can offer – even just time as a volunteer, become a member. Membership is open to all, to join just send an email with your residential address – required by BC Societies Registry and let us know what your skill and interest areas are as we’ll use this inventory to contact you for upcoming projects like administrative tasks, event organization, project development and more. Otherwise, these opportunities will be advertised publicly.

Advances on Projects
Generally project money is released when invoices for work done or materials purchased are received. Occasionally an advance is needed.