Policy: The administration fee for SKLCSS (CC) to administer grant funded and non-grant funded projects will be charged according to a fee structure determined by Administration and the Board.


  • Standard  Fee – generally we request that 10% is added to any grant being applied for to cover administration costs.
    • Over $10000 = Negotiable
  • Flat Fee – assumes limited CC resources are required
    • Simple Fee – $30 (i.e.  approx. 1 hour of labor & 1-2 cheques required)
    • Minor Fee – $60 (i.e.  approx. 2 hour of labor & 3-5 cheques required)
  • Determining whether the Flat Fee or Standard Fee will be charged depends on project size, complexity and/or length.
  • Uniquely Classified Projects
    • “Pass Thru” projects are those where the project is self-managed, tracked, and reported and the CC admin requirement is to hold/disburse funds only, typically Flat Fee – Simple or Minor
    • “Self-Raised” projects are those where some or all  money raised are from the local community versus through grants. We aim to encourage these funds to be held in a public, transparent manner.
    • Roll Back Policy = the policy is to roll back the 10% after the fact if tracking determines that the amount was not justified. A minimum amount charged would be a Flat Fee, and potentially funds could be returned to the funder.
  • There may be project unique circumstances or requirements which require a fee higher than outlined through the fee structure. Additional fees will be discussed and negotiated with the project leader(s) prior to finalizing an agreement
  • Exceptions to the fee structure which reduce the amount expected are to be approved by the Board, for example additional grants received for a specific project before Community Connections became involved.