Policy: The following guidelines will be used when a request is made to advance funds to a project for labour, materials, supplies, services and the like, prior to the purchase of goods or work being completed.


  • Generally, money is not paid for project expenses until work is completed or invoices supported by receipts are received by CC Administration.
  • Exceptions to this will require documenting  reasons for the exception and must be submitted to the Board for review and approval/rejection, as well as the advance allowed. (e.g. a 10% advance of a contracted labour component of $1200 would yield a $120 advance)
  • Where verifiable quotes for the purchase of goods can be provided, an advance can be forwarded for that quoted amount.
  • As a rule not more than 25% should be advanced.
  • As work is completed and milestones met, a percentage of payment corresponding to that amount of work can be made (e.g. 25% of work completed yields a payment of 25% of the contracted services fees/budget)