Subcontracts valued at $1500 or less will not be required to go to public tender, and will be offered in priority to active Society members. 

Policy: The following guidelines will be used when explaining the requirements or preferred method of costing labour into projects, requesting quotes for labour costs for projects, and costing labour into grant submissions put forward


  • Generally, CC Administration will request, and employ ‘results based’ labour costing – estimates based on a statement which describes the work to be done, the results or expected outcomes, and the time frame. We do not need an hourly rate or the number of hours to complete the work.
  • A request for a statement of work then is a request for a total cost, the total amount of work effort required (e.g. hours/weeks), and the calendar time frame in which it will be completed (e.g. “described work/outcome” will be a total of $1400, require 2 weeks of labour, and be completed between May 1/13 and Sept 30/13).
  • In some cases it may be useful for the people assembling the project work/budgets to put forward a suggested cost associated with a statement of work (e.g. we estimate the cost for this “described work/outcomes” to be $1400 and be completed within 3 calendar months)
  • Statements of work containing estimates and quotes where hourly rates and number of hours have been used will not be rejected, but may be used as an example for others, and this is not encouraged for reasons of inaccurate comparison.
  • In order to optimize smaller work efforts, a single labour component within a project that is less than $1500 in cost can be directed to an individual by the project leading body. Where a single labour component exceeds $1500, the work should be posted for hire.
    • Exceptions to this posting policy may be made where there is an advantage or significant cost saving to be made by using previously established expertise or a project is being updated or continued. These exceptions should be reviewed and approved/rejected by the CC Board.