Our Vision:

A thriving East Shore community where residents have easy access to a range of community services that maintain and enhance their well-being.

Our Beginnings:

In 2010 after many conversations, an East Shore visioning meeting was held and from that grew a group to create a support for local initiatives, a community-based rural development organization serving the East Shore of Kootenay Lake (Area A of the RDCK).

Our Key Activities:

  • Grant Sponsorship & Fund Administration
  • Project & Program Support & Oversight
  • Establishing Fund Provider Relationships
  • Connecting with Local Organizations & Groups
  • Organizing Forums & Events
  • Building Partnerships Relevant to the East Shore
  • Providing Access to Information Important to Our Community
  • Developing Our Society’s Administration, Management & Capacity

Our Board:

Ellie Reynolds
Laverne Booth
Galadriel Rael
Mike Barradell Smith
Janet Wallace


Garry Sly – Administrator
Garry Sly – bookkeeper