East Shore Promotional Video

The project organized a committed individual to produce a short video (5 minutes or less) that speaks to why an individual would want to invest in, and consider moving to, the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. It would focus on family benefits of living and lifestyle here and why investing can make sense. Community Connections

Invest Kootenay Promotion

The Invest Kootenay website serves to promote the sale and investment of commercial properties and businesses in the Kootenays. The objective of the project is to generally promote the use and awareness of the website, identify current opportunity owners and real estate agents, and endeavour to construct an east shore opportunity listing that better reflects… Read more »

Business & Community Directory

The current business and community directory was three years out of date. The objective of the project was to update and extend the current directory to create a new directory which can be reproduced, as well as a web-friendly version which will be put up on the Mainstreet Newspaper, Community Connections, Kootenay Lake Chamber of… Read more »

Spring Forum 2013

This project organized and conducted a community event which profiled a number of local area businesses and community based services and highlighted new, changing or emerging activities of those organizations for the interest and awareness of residents, visitors, businesses, and others on the East Shore. Community Connections