Why is an organization like Community Connections in place?

Often, individuals or smaller groups don’t qualify for grants because they don’t necessarily have a non-profit structure or the credibility expected. Credibility often comes with being a registered and incorporated society, having experience and a track record, an established Board of Directors, and support staff. We were created to act as an umbrella society which has these capabilities and can enable local individuals and groups to apply for grants and run projects and programs with integrity and responsibility.

What kind of services does the organization provide?

We believe that in order to be successful, there is a grant process and project life cycle for community and economic based projects and programs. Our view of this life cycle represents five steps and we participate in each step.

  1. Grant Concept & Initialization

  2. Grant Application Build & Submission

  3. Agreement & Project Setup

  4. Project Implementation & Review

  5. Project Closure

Our experience in providing services in support of these efforts is based on our past involvement with grant providers and application submissions, administering funds for projects and programs, and supporting project teams, committees and councils as they implement and complete their projects.

How much does it cost to engage Community Connections?

We charge an administrative fee, which should be included as part of the project budget. The fee is graduated from $25 for a $500 grant, to 15% for a grant, or aggregate grants, between $2500 and $10,000. Beyond that level there is a to negotiation based on project complexity. We do not take admin fees on funds that are raised by the community.

Will your organization write my grant application for me?

When making a request for funding, it makes the most sense for those who have the background, vision, and passion for the idea to complete the key content of the grant application. We can provide advice based on experience and knowledge of certain fund providers, as well as information relative to our mission, organization, experience, and background that are important application requirements. As well, there are often public reviews of proposals and we will support and participate in these.

What experience does Community Connections have?

Grant sponsorship and project and program support constitute the largest part of our mandate and administrative workload. Since inception in 2010, and as of early 2016, we have supported 69 projects, of which 20 are currently still underway. Project experience to date represents sponsorship of more than 100 grants. This represents more than $400,000 in community projects and $335,000 in grant funding. We continue to enjoy demand for our services from the community and are exploring further funding and growth opportunities.