The greater the extent to which these factors can be addressed, the stronger the proposal becomes in truly impacting economic or community development.

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In general, important questions to ask before you start completing most applications:

  • How would you briefly describe your project?
  • What is the need and priority? How do you know?
  • What are the objectives and benefits? Can benefits be measured?
  • Is this a one-time project or does it have long term sustainability?
  • Do you have the resources, support, team, and time to do the project?
  • What activities make up the work plan required to reach the goal?
  • What budget is required to properly complete your work plan?
  • Are there statistics or background documents supporting the need?

There are a number of considerations in providing tax dollars or otherwise to programs and activities which contribute positively to the local economy.

How does this promote and encourage development of the local economy?
Does this identify a viable economic opportunity and support marketing it?
With respect to economic growth, are constraints to development identified?
Are there already established local groups or businesses this would compete with?
Funds or allocation per applicant can be limited – Were other financial programs considered?
Is there support from businesses or industry for this?
What level of project oversight, qualification, and remuneration will be provided?
How would you measure your results or outcomes?