East Shore Summer School

For the Summer School there were a total of 71 students and 9 instructors. Resourcing the event included staff, student helpers, and volunteers. Art, music, theatre, and dance classes appeal to both children and adults in the summer months. Children and families enjoy having a full week of classes to learn new skills, with the additional… Read more »

Kootenay Lake Art Connections (2013, 2014, 2015)

Having run three years in a row, this project fulfilled its promise to have artists and artisans showcase their work in galleries and venues from Wynndel to Riondel including Kootenay Bay. Businesses welcomed tourists and community residents into their establishments to provide their signature on a travel brochure, view art, and purchase goods. The brochure,… Read more »

Medley & Arts Summer Camp

The program provided a week of workshops for adults and children in music, art, dance, and performance, giving community members opportunities for learning and sharing that they may not otherwise be able to access. Qualified instructors were hired from the Basin area, which also provided qualified local artists and musicians an opportunity to expand their… Read more »

Samba Band

In 2011, Ben Johnson, drummer extraordinaire, wanted to start a Samba Band. A grant for the initial drums was received from the Columbia Basin Trust. Today the band practices and performs regularly in glorious costume with gusto! They now have their own webpage: Samba Lago Profundo